Background Check

EasyChore will run background checks on ALL Providers with no exceptions.


These checks will cover the following:

  1. SSN Verification

  2. Sex Offender Search

  3. Global Watchlist Search

  4. National Criminal Search 

The original background check search is $10. If there is a hit on the National Criminal Search, a county search will run to confirm this hit which would cost an additional $15.


If there is no hit on your name, and no additional search is necessary for your check, the provider would be reimbursed the $15 after downloading the application and completing the sign-up process.

Explanation of payment process

  • After completion of 5 jobs providers will be fully reimbursed.

  •  After completion of 5 jobs, providers will gain access to our bonus opportunities. (When providers are rated a 4 or 5-star rating by homeowners, they will receive an additional bonus as a reward.)

Reimbursement Plan

Providers who pass the EasyChore background check will be FULLY reimbursed for the $25 background check. (No reimbursement for the providers who fail the EasyChore background check.)






Purchasing the background check

Once you purchase the background check you will receieve an email from our third party Breezy requesting you to agree to their terms and conditions. After agreeing, you will begin the final process of becoming a provider and complete the background check. 

Thank you and remember...

"It's EASY to work HARD"

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