A Cedar Cliff Alum is creating this application to help make life easier. The EasyChore app will connect Homeowners with local Providers to help receive assistance with those common ask-for-help chores.

Get assistance or Send assistance to the home that needs help!

Parents | Grandparents | Friends


Browse your top local Providers to perform the chore!


Click a few buttons, and consider your lawn cut, driveway shoveled, yard mulched, lawn-care completed, or even moving assistance there and ready to help!


Get same day assistance or schedule for the future!


No cash needed; all payments will be done through the app making it that much easier!

It’s EASY, Just Follow the Steps!

1. Simply create your Homeowner profile.

2. Select the chores that you need completed.

3. Fill out your chore details and post it!

4. Shop around and select the PERFECT Provider!

App coming soon!

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